Why should not eat yogurt when hungry?

When hungry, the acidosis in the stomach are often very high, if eating yogurt, the beneficial bacteria are difficult to survive in the environment room.

According to the Health, the yogurt has a history of close to 500 years. The study shows that the type of food has a higher nutritional value of milk cows usually. The ingredients in yogurt have cholesterol-lowering effects, increased resistance to bacteria, inhibit the growth of tumors.

Fermentation bacteria in yogurt is beneficial bacteria for human body. It is the resolution in the milk, make the intestinal tract has a computer, preventing the bacteria causing the rotten thiu always in neutral or alkaline environment. The beneficial bacteria produce necessary vitamins for the body such as vitamins B, E, B11 in the intestinal tract, beneficial for the normal function of the intestines and stomach.

Nutritional value of tomato high but must be used correctly. Many people have the habit of eating yogurt when hungry, experts said that this is not science. The survival rate of the useful bacteria in yogurt are closely related with alkalinity acidosis in the stomach and intestines. They can grow quickly in the environment but difficult endeavor to live in slightly environment toan. At hungry bellies, the acidosis in the stomach are often very high, after new business dropped. So should not eat yogurt when hungry by the beneficial bacteria are difficult to live in the room have a powerful patron, count as that will decrease decrease effects of yogurt.