Why do you want to eat a banana before and after exercise?

The banana sugar glucose is absorbed into the blood, can quickly replenish energy loss by line immediately, to help athletes recover after exercise.


A banana nutrition and good in Vietnam? People should not drink coconut water.

According to zenlife yoga, banana has proven to be a help to rebuild muscle foods are good athletes and hard work. Research shows that the absorption rate and the banana contains carbohydrate absorption is slow. Only a meal and bananas can also provide enough energy to maintain physical activity time.

When human activities can continue to force, energy is a lot of losses, to mobilize the body’s blood glucose to provide the muscle. In these cases, banana sugar glucose is absorbed into the blood, can quickly replenish energy line is a loss immediately, to help the sports fatigue recovery after exercise.

The banana candy sugar is absorbed slowly, so to maintain the body’s energy for a long time. In addition, the banana contains a variety of carbohydrates (sugar flour) and other transition slow release of sugar into the blood, from several hours to meet physical activity. The potassium in the banana can help high energy to maintain muscle tension, reduce the chance of breaking in athletes.

Many people used to eat Steamed Rice, noodles or animal meat contain a lot of protein is difficult to absorb, cannot provide nutrients and energy in or before the physical training. Therefore, experts recommend choosing fast food to eat bananas are the best players in training before and after training. Before and after 15 minutes.