These foods cause headaches you should note in the daily meal

There are some foods cause headache pain more than conventional food. Know to avoid is essential if you frequently suffer from diseases.

People often headaches for many different reasons. Sometimes the pain irritated by what we eat or drink.

“Some food cause headaches sometimes very familiar in everyday life, such as dark chocolate, cheese, meat marinated with salt and alcohol, as well as a few additives such as monosodium glutamate – MSG given and nitrite” Egilius Spierings,, a neurologist, Clinical Professor and Director of The Headache & Face Pain at Tufts Medical Center said.

However, a few foods can cause headaches for people but does not affect other people. So, would be very useful if you know the culprit is food cause headaches that you suffer because you’ll avoid the better.

Please be careful with certain types of food here because we can is the culprit causing headaches for you.

These foods contain amines

Amines are organic compounds that are created when one or more of the atoms in a molecule of ammonia hiđro by one or more of the root hiđrocacbon. The amines like histamine, tyramine and phenylethylamine … can cause headaches in some people. Some foods such as tomatoes, avocado and spinach contain the amount of histamine or the higher ordinary vegetable, tyramine. Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine is also quite high.

Biological amino types generally have quite a lot in food, such as in the fermentation process or when food is grown, ripe or damaged. Typical is the alcoholic, fermented vegetables (such as cabbage pickle), ham or cooked meats, cheese, sauce and some fish, especially not yet processed.

However, most people eat these foods without problems. Vincent Martin, Director of the Cincinnati Headache Center and Facial Pain Center, said: “the human body has enzymes in the small intestine to help break down the nature of biological amino acids. Only some people, activities of enzymes is reduced, for example the activities of the diamine oxidase-an enzyme break histamine were significantly reduced in the group who have the symptoms were migraine, compared to the normal group of people “.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is the substance dilates vessels, means it makes blood vessels to be dilated. Tufts Spierings explained, when the blood vessels in the brain were enlarged, the nerve fibers around them is stretched, leading to activation of the nerve fibers and can cause the release of substances that cause inflammation and pain. “In addition, a number of alcohol fermentation in alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey, beer and wine, can cause headaches, by the same reason-dilates the blood vessels,” said Spierings

Some people believe that red wine causes headaches than white wine because it contains sulfites-substance was added as a preservative. In fact, white wines usually contain more sulfites than red wine, phenolic-containing flavonoids. However in red wine can have more than 200 folding histaminie white wines, so it causes more headaches symptoms.

Drinks containing caffeine

“Caffeine is a compound made of circuit contraction. When you use caffeine continuously throughout a week, it makes the vessels shrink, and then you stop drinking on weekends, the circuit will be recovered vasodilation, and as a result cause headaches “Spierings, said.

Martin said: “Those who have symptoms of headaches can continue to use these drinks contain caffeine, but they should ensure a moderate level (1 or 2 cups of coffee) and maintain a regular schedule. If you can’t maintain the dose and time consistency, it is best you should avoid drinking coffee “.

Foods containing gluten

Headaches can be a symptom of celiac disease (genetic disease requires complete removal of gluten, the protein in wheat, rye and barley). John Leung, Director of the Center for Food Related Diseases Center at Tufts Medical Center and a professor at The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, said: “every 5 people there about 1 person in celiac disease causes headaches. The study also found that 57-71% of patients with myocardial infarction to improve health than when done cut gluten diet “.

He adds, the headache is also a common symptom in people who are sensitive to gluten celiac disease and not allergic to wheat.

Of course, this does not mean that all people suffering from headaches then must eliminate gluten. “If there are signs of disorder gluten, the best you find to the test facility to clarify,” Leung said.