The smoke cause the boys suffer high blood pressure

Boys exposed to cigarette smoke tend to have high blood pressure than the other boys, put them on the risk of high blood pressure when they grow up.

In the study, scientists analyzed statistics from the 4 national studies conducted between 1999 and 2006, focused on the exposure of children to tobacco smoke 6,421. The children answered the question revolves around whether the children have been living with smokers or not and these children have also been testing measured cotinin-a chemical produced by the body when exposed to nicotine.

After comparing the results, the researchers found that compared with the boys not exposed to cigarette smoke, boys aged 8-17 had blood pressure levels significantly higher. Jill Baumgartner, lead author of the study and a research specialist at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of the environment: “Although no research results of interest for a but with the whole community, the high blood pressure in boys is a big problem. More than 1/3 children in the United States are exposed to cigarette smoke every day leads to the risk of high blood pressure when they grow up “.

In contrast with the boys, the girls exposed to cigarette smoke often have low blood pressure levels than people without much exposure to cigarette smoke. Special scientists note this because they assume that there probably are a few differences in the sexes helped girls succumb to the smoke better.