The people or eat oranges, drink orange juice should be avoided right this wrong

Many people believe that eating Orange and drink orange juice good for health, beauty skin should be as many users as possible. However, in fact, eating oranges and drink orange juice can with good people but not well with others.

In addition, eat and drink orange juice not properly will cause harm to health. Here is what you should pay attention when eating Orange

Don’t drink orange juice in the evening

Should not eat and drink orange juice in the evening, because the orange juice works the front students and diuretic, night urination easily cause loss of sleep.

Also, before you go to sleep, if you drink orange juice, saliva did not as much as when you left, the amount of plaque on the teeth longer ware will attack vulnerabilities and do your teeth enamel.

The best you should eat and drink orange juice in the morning when the stomach is empty (no breakfast), this is the best time, help ease gastric absorption of the nutrients.

Don’t drink orange juice before and after drinking milk

The protein in the milk will react with tartaric acid and vitamin C contained in oranges, it not only affects the digestion and absorption of food that can cause bad karma belly, stomach pain, diarrhea …

Therefore should not drink milk for hours before or after you’ve eaten oranges per hour.

Do not eat, drink orange juice right after the Fed

When recently fed, the stomach must operate at full capacity to digest food. Drink a glass of orange juice in the moment made the functioning of the stomach more pressure, causing the abdomen, discomfort.

Don’t drink orange juice before brushing

Ware in orange juice sticking onto the surface of the tooth enamel and under the effects of rubbing the brush can make your tooth enamel are vulnerable if you often eat and drink orange juice before brushing.

You should rinse immediately after drinking orange juice to the exclusion of the adhesion of ware on the teeth, preventing the corrosion of ware with enamel of your teeth.

The hepatitis, high blood pressure should also not eat the oranges

Patients with chronic hepatitis and high blood pressure should not eat oranges because it can promote detoxification function of the liver, accelerate the transformation of cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis.

Don’t drink orange juice the same antibiotics

In acid orange juice so can damage the chemical structure of the drug. And once lost a particular chemical structure, the antibiotics will no longer power bactericide.

Drink orange juice while taking the drug will cause the patient at risk for bacterial infection. Orange juice can also interfere with drug absorption stitching reduces the concentration of drug in the blood, reducing the absorption from the gut.

Don’t drink orange juice when suffering from stomach ulcers

If you are suffering from gastric ulcer, duodenum, or inflammation of the pancreas should not drink orange juice, because it contains a lot of organic matter increases the acid in the stomach, causing heartburn and witness more severe ulcers; and orange juice have laxative effects should if you suffer from diarrhea, you should dilute them with water and drink a little bit.

Do not eat the oranges and radishes together

When eating the radishes into the human body, it would quickly produce a substance called “sulfate”.

After sulfate is converted, it will produce an anti thyroid-thioxianic acid. If you eat the oranges at this point, the flavonoids contained in Orange will be biodegradable in the intestinal tract and hydroxy acid changes and ferulic acid. Two kinds of substances that can enhance the effect of acid inhibitor thioxianic on thyroid, will create or cause goiter.