Soak the foot in warm water to fight high blood pressure

Soak the foot in warm water, mineral water or room smoking is a unique disease prevention and therapy of traditional medicine. For high blood pressure, this measure of value and support effective therapy. Here are some formulas and how to use.

Some soaking water recipe

From jelly, jelly recipes, ginseng, the Royal College, the equivalent rules, tang chi, just identify, pharmacy, business, romantic white challenged Le, Paeonia, eucommia, calf socks, 6 g, 18 g, take water-activated toxicity soaking feet in 60 seconds.
The sentence over 20 g and a little bit of mothballs, brilliantly retrieved foot water 2 times a day, every 30-45 minutes, 10 days is a process.
Questions over 30 g, 15 g of dried herbs, flowers Daisy 15 g, 30 g, e all Niu Ming 20 g, 20 g, Diamond White Wuzhu white wonderful 20 g, pink flower 15 g, brilliantly retrieved water soaked the leg in 30 minutes, twice a day.
The dry down seminar 30 g, over 20 g, 15 g, 20 g flower daisies ye tang, colors get water on each foot 2 times, each time to 30 minutes.
N 15 g, 20 g encyclopedia du vengeance, tri model 20 g, 20 g, 20 g all local-born calf, born model rate 40 g, brilliantly retrieved water on each foot 2 times.
Tang chi 20 g, 15 g, ye sung funeral Lieutenant Prince 20 g, brilliantly retrieved foot water 2 times a day, each time 45 minutes.
You can use warm water or hot mineral water.
Soaking the feet

Tools: it is best to use the pots soak cell (type imported from China, are sold in supermarkets), sort of pots this nifty for keeping the temperature automatically, at least are prepared to add the hot water and then back to the hot test do foot work intermittent. If no, you should use wood pots because this long heat holder pot type, non toxic and safe.

The soaking water temperature: depending on the nature of geography, climate, age, medical condition, the response of the individual … that water immersion temperature selection accordingly. In General, basically, should choose the average temperature from 38 to 43 degrees c. the basis determined, after soaking the feet feeling comfortable, gentle and blood pressure markedly improved.

Position: Select a position sitting on chairs, soak the pots have a height of 20 cm, the width may contain enough legs.

Foot time: Each day should dip twice, the best was at 10 am and evening before going to sleep. In addition to adjust blood pressure, the foot in the evening will help good sleep and deeper. Folk have the sentence: “after eating 300 step, before sleep, a pickled pot”. Depending on the drug soaked formula, age, gender, health status, climate, the nature of the work … generally foot time each time approximately 30 minutes is appropriate. Who blood pressure too high, difficult to adjust, you can extend the time soak. Winter should soak longer than summer. Evaluation criteria the soaking time is reasonable: after soaking the foot feels good, improved blood pressure status.

Combined measures when the foot

While soaking should combine day press some points and relax. Day is done, the practice of reflexology relaxation.

The vents need day press is: Encyclopedia (the point at the top of the line connecting two vertices when ears folded back ears and main lines between the body, feeling the Noah News); publication of sugar (the point between the first two paragraphs of the in the eyebrows) and Courageous (as the point of connection and the following 3/5 before 2/5 the top of toes 2 and score between the banks after the heel, in the depression in the liver of the foot). Use your thumb or middle finger to press the point, each day approximately 2 minutes, the stars for achieving the feeling of heavy news.

Practice relaxation: the Restraints on the body, a loose seat, eyes contingency, to focus attention on a certain point on the body, it is best to Knit fill (the navel a little below). Breathe slowly and steadily, truth to light to a few cotton bow without seeing waggle. First, slowly exhale, concave belly, and then again from from inhaled, belly bulge, hold their breath for a minute then slowly exhale, keep alternating breathing so as long as 5 minutes. Next 5 minutes and repeat the process a second breath.

Things to note

Foot therapy with support and collaboration, these people are taking high blood pressure medications should not be stopped suddenly, wanted to stop or reduce the dose of medication to the opinion of the treating physician.
While conducting foot, thought extremely comfortable, serene, to avoid stress or anxiety thoughts.
Should choose where quiet foot, airy, not disturbed by foreign scenes.
Must persistence and regularity, avoid soaking interrupted.
If you are getting the disease acute fever due to storage inflammatory and hemorrhagic disease should not practice foot therapy