“Sex” when suffering from high blood pressure

Gloat about “it” varies depending on the age and health status. People with high blood pressure to meet quite a lot of trouble in “two story” for two reasons:

Firstly: high blood pressure directly effects “that” both the psychological and the physical. As in the process of “battle” to carry out “heart rate can rise as high as 180 times per minute and blood pressure also increased from 20 to 80 mmHg mmHg blood pressure values are higher than before” in the battle “. Result is not achieved “high threshold” during intercourse.

Secondly: the drug treatment of high blood pressure are not the cause of rising blood pressure that reduces the desire always to “it”, the result is “the little boy won’t listen”. Statistics show, have to 1/3 cases of drug treatment of high blood pressure affects the quality of the sexual activity in both men and women. In the South can be decreased libido and erectile dysfunction in females, other processes “steamy” can be reduced, causing pain, discomfort at the “battle” or provisional loss at reaching extreme orgasm.

To understand the high blood pressure and medications for high blood pressure affects the process of living the “two story” how, we first try to find out what happened during a process of “normal” Drudge.

In these conditions the appropriate object and then gloat about “it” was coined. The feeling that at the “living will” go through 4 stages: the period of euphoria, “Drudge” stage, the stage of “climax” and relaxed stage-recovered.

Excitement phase begins when the subject get together through looking, touching, inhaling the scent … Old women get this stimulus later than men, but nowadays the more quickly because the women of time far more active in “it”. Signs first meet in the South are “bullets are extended barrel”. Meet in is the secretion of mucus is made of slippery vagina at the same time there is a change in the shape and size of the vagina as long and wide. The pulse of blood in the vagina so the color becomes darker than, the uterus is pulled up the top, 1/3 in the vagina wider than the outside chill. The United States also increased stimulation emulsion up about 25%, top hunting along with contraction née phenomenal redness of the skin in the face and neck. At this heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tone has started increasing in both men and women. In this period the hamper as Bell telephone, knocking on the door, the crying … all can interrupt the stage and the audience are made from scratch. If the obstruction lasts or repeat, repeat, then both litigants can be “xìu”.

The period of “Drudge” followed the period of euphoria: at this time in the South, “the car” was blasting air ready and “garage” of male workers to prepare for the car on. Rhythmic gymnastics “movements” are performed in this stage lasts from a few minutes to tens of minutes depending “innate” or civil forces have trained two of the litigants. Note in this period both need focus, should not chat or question, just peek, uh … is enough. At this heart rate rises very fast, can almost 200 times in one minute. In the South rose higher than females, and blood pressure also increases.

The period of “climax” feeling “the Rapture” in process “Drudge”. In this period both factions could reach “high threshold” is more powerful and extreme orgasm pleasure. The feeling this may happen simultaneously on both men and women but usually happens earlier than on objects implementing proactive moves at “exercise beats the rhythm”. In the South, extreme phase “occurring at the same time” short “a few hundred million rounds of ammunition are fired out of the barrel”. In the female, in the period after that is extreme orgasm pleasure feeling warm and spread in the “local zone”. At the moment there are spasmodic phenomena in 1/3 outside the vagina from 3-15 times per minute while the contraction in the anal sphincter. Other than the males, females can reach extreme points several times during a “Forestry” battle.

The period of relaxation-start Recovery immediately after the stage. This stage can last up to 30 minutes, usually 5-10 minutes. At this heart back before the “Lam” battle and the body begins to feel tired. After this period, theoretically can start a process to “Drudge”.

According to many studies show that high blood pressure and medications for hypertension can affect both the 4 stages in both sects such as the rising euphoria, decreased libido, reduced ability to perform tasks when “exercise beats the rhythm”. In the South could be “xìu” suddenly when preparing the new “put the car into the garage.” In addition to the disorder and orgasm pleasure pole are also common in both factions. If these disorders happen on long will cause adverse psychological effects when “the battle”.

To overcome this situation we need to note some points such as the following:

Applied to the treatment of hypertension by non-drug measures to reduce the dose of medication to lower blood pressure.

1. During eat: diet lose weight if overweight. Eat salt, not exceeding 1.5 TSP of salt each day. If eaten too lack the salt also causes deterioration and reduce the exertion of desire “it”. Should eat protein derived from fish and plants rather than the type of pork, beef, chicken … Should not eat too sweet even without diabetes … Limit eating animal fats and coconut oil. The best is to use olive oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, soybean oil. Should eat more vegetables, fruits.

2. Avoid habits harmful to health: Stop or limit drinking more alcohol. Trying to remove smoke.

3. Maintain a good lifestyle: keeping life moderation, stability. Avoid stress, emotional, anxiety. Bodybuilding, exercising regularly every day.

When applying the method of treatment for high blood pressure do not take drugs to improve the capability “that” without effective, there are 3 things to keep in mind to solve the problem of “two story”:

Drugs lower blood pressure needs adjustment to achieve the values of blood pressure and heart rate during 24 hours. If need to change medications to lower blood pressure as well as incorporate the yeast inhibitors group transfer, beta blockers, calcium blockers, diuretic.

When hypertensive adjustment step failed. Your doctor will consider to take extra medication help to resolve the situation “small boy won’t listen” or “xìu” suddenly in the process of “battle”. These drugs in yeast PDE5 inhibitors group, this is not the aphrodisiac, drugs work to help “your car running good” when preparing for the “garage”. The popular drug groups are: sidelafil, lodelafil, mirodelafil, avanafil, tadalafil, vardelafil and udelafil. In the high blood pressure, should use Group work fast and just enough work time for a process to “Drudge” as sedelafil (Viagra) for example, the user group has longer effects need to be cautious because “long night will Lam…”. When using these groups need the opinion of a doctor.

Psychological therapies are necessary and contribute to the success of the treatment.

Eventually the sympathy, encouragement, consolation of “partners” with great effect. Should keep healthy lifestyle in your life and family activities because of his many other aspects is not only the problem of sexual activity.