How to identify fake blood pressure increase?

In fact, there are many people experiencing the phenomenon of hypertension (HA), that is itself not being high but was diagnosed as the HA cao HA and be treated like high HA.

The consequence is that there are people who drop by the drug down HA HA not properly specified, sometimes have to go to the hospital emergency department. Despite the high diagnostic HA is the responsibility of professional physician, but we also need to know a little about the phenomenon of rising HA this artificially, to avoid the harmful effects caused by the medication down HA not true.

As we all know, the number of HECTARES and the average person in Vietnam is 120/80mmHg, often referred to as 12/8. In it, the number 12 is on, 8 is the number of HECTARES under. Called when the HA HA high above 140mmHg and/or higher than the number of HECTARES under high than 90mmHg. Still the wrong perspective that in elderly people, 160-170 HECTARES still view is normally not need treatment. Many studies showed that the level of HA 160-170 is still harmful to the heart, brain, blood vessels … should need the treatment brought about under the HA 140/90.

The main symptoms years HA with high:

Headaches: behind the back or front of the forehead, usually in the morning, sometimes lasting all day.
Dizziness: feeling of walking and slightly heavy head.
Tired: the feeling in the chest and difficulty breathing slightly heavily.
Weak paralyzed limbs a few seconds to a few minutes.
Recurrent nosebleeds several times, each time flow, blood drops faster and more high blood pressure due to ruptured small blood vessels in the nasal mucosa.
However, these symptoms are also seen in many other illnesses, so we need to note: when measuring the HA can raise high see HA really, but some cases can also increase HA artificially. The HA often artificially high phenomenon has two types as follows:

1. white gown syndrome: is the patient is feeling nervous, worried at consultation to see the doctor, nursing gown white, makes patients appear nervous condition, heart palpitations, do HA increased, sometimes falling from 160 to 180mmHg but rarely rise to 200mmHg. These cases increase HA fake always accompanied by tachycardia, sick people have anxiety, palpitations. After reassuring and rest for about 30 minutes, HA and heart can return to normal. Many cases are monitored 24 hours by the HA HA new holter system to determine the condition of increasing artificially the HA.

2. increase the HA by artificially arteriosclerosis arms make the number on measuring higher than reality. This phenomenon can meet in about 10% of older people. In these cases, your doctor will perform an experiment called the French test is to determine the condition of Osler to increase artificially the HA in the elderly.

If not identified was increased artificially as treatment which the HA cao HA really can be dangerous for people with diseases like bad jet lag HA, HA HA standing. This is the phenomenon of people who are lying or sitting that stood up quickly, then see the sight, not breached, could fall dramatically and many cases falls caused cranial trauma …

Thus, when measured in the House saw high, we should not take the drug which is to review medical view is that the HA really high or not.