Drink honey water at which one is best for your health? 

Some studies suggest that drinking honey water in the morning helps replenish water and added nutrients, and should drink cold water at night before bed.

Some people think should drink a glass of salt water in the morning and a cup of honey at night. However, according to the Healthy Times, experts are not encouraged to drink salt water in the morning because it is easy to increase blood pressure.

Some studies suggest that up to drink honey in the morning, drink cold water at night before bed. According to Yu Tang doctor, Dean Nutrition, Hiep Hoa Hospital, Beijing, China, with Ayurvedic methods, it is best to drink honey morning, evening drink water.

Yu Tang doctor explains, the body passed a night of sleep, most of the water has been absorbed or excreted. At this time, drink a glass of honey water fasting is not only the country but also additional increase nutrition, especially good for the elderly because of the effect of promoting peristalsis helps easy defecation.

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Experts recommend that people habitually drink salt water in the morning should not be maintained as harmful to health. In normal conditions, the body’s sodium is generally not lacking. If every morning drink a glass of salt water, over time the body’s sodium content is too high, leading to high blood pressure, nephritis and other diseases. When heavy labor or strenuous exercise, excessive sweating causing new sodium salt water needed to replenish water and electrolytes.

Drink a glass of water before going to bed is beneficial for health than drinking honey because honey contains more sugar, should not drink every night. Evening should drink water because the body has gone through a day may not be enough water added. Evening drink water in addition to providing enough water, help clean the mouth, bar talk, cough suppressant, but also to prepare enough water for the body’s metabolism throughout the night. Only when sufficient water the body can maximize metabolic activity of cells.

Also, after a nap, drink a cup of weak tea to eliminate greasy remains of lunch and help with mental alertness and energy to work well throughout the afternoon.