Absolutely can not eat fresh bamboo shoots, if you are in the four group

A pain in his stomach, gout, kidney and pregnant women should not eat fresh bamboo shoots, because it has no risk of.

It is a lot of people love the food fresh bamboo shoots, but when there is some risk of damage and an object to eat.

In the local food security document, there is a high content of chloride in fresh bamboo shoots, about 230 mg kg of potatoes and asparagus. When eating asparagus containing chloride, in effect your digestive enzymes, sugar, acid chloride, cyanhydric (HCN), is becoming a very toxic material body.

In addition, fresh asparagus in glycocid, is capable of causing acid cyanhydric into a toxic body use. Those who eat asparagus poisoning symptoms often have a headache, dizziness, nausea, respiratory disorders, respiratory difficulties……


However, there should not be afraid to eat asparagus. Xyanhydric acid is dissolved in water and heated volatile, so need to pay attention to eat fresh bamboo shoots processing technology, through cooking, cooking after the need to pay attention to every time out of water, wash with cold water, 2 – 3 times before processing. The purpose of doing so is to solution in water and water soluble xyanhydric acid. The water left after the evaporation of eat boiled asparagus, and no toxicity.

People have signs of disease, this is absolutely not said: fresh asparagus

1. He has a stomachache.

Stomach ache disease is easy to be copied, so need to go back to a lot of taboo to eat and drink, even after treatment.

Experts suggest that patients with stomach or stomach pills can not eat, because the cyanhydric acid content of harmful substances in the stomach of bamboo bamboo shoots, the disease has become more serious.

2. People were gout

When have gout, you need to be careful, because eating patterns can increase uric acid in the blood, gout is becoming worse and worse. All kinds of food is growing fast: bamboo, bamboo shoots, asparagus, asparagus can increase uric acid synthesis in the patient’s body speed, so you need to avoid.

3. Kidney trouble

Renal streptocoques is sometimes caused by bacteria. But the disease is usually due to affect the damage of renal vascular hypertension and diabetes, take off. Diet in renal disease, need special attention. Asparagus, bamboo shoots are food rich in calcium is not conducive to chronic renal and renal failure.

4. Pregnant women

Although eating asparagus is very common, many people’s favorite, but for pregnant women, the doctor suggested that you should not eat too much, especially in the first place. Because in the first few months of pregnancy, because there is no suitable body and the change of morning sickness, most mothers do not eat much. At the same time, bamboo shoots contain a large number of fibers, eating more will lead to incomplete time points.

In addition, if not careful risk of bamboo shoots processing state to lead poisoning, for pregnant women and fetuses in the stomach.

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