4 food groups silently ravaging your skin, it should limit the right

According to the dermatologist, can remove wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, and even the termination of the dry skin condition … don’t need expensive cosmetics that just adjust your diet.

Here are 4 food groups need hard limiting to your skin is smooth, light always smooth:

Foods containing a lot of sugar
The road not only accelerate aging of the skin but also makes the skin pimples. Eat a lot of sugar can make the metabolism of insulin overload. If the body loading too much, it will affect the blood vessels and accelerates the aging process of the skin.

According to the experts, if you reduce the sugar, you will notice a difference within a week, you will clean skin and brighter, richer life. Therefore, to meet the needs of the body’s sugar, let’s eat candy, but instead is fruit.

Spicy hot spicy food
Peppers and some hot spicy seasoning is one of the reasons why your skin goes bad. The eat more spicy food can dilate blood vessels in the skin prone to acne, perennial-inflammatory chronic skin disease, the appearance of acne on the skin becoming red.

According to the experts, who often suffer red caviar in particular should avoid spicy foods.

Food containing fat

These fats are created and found in the process of fast-food processing and margarine, they clog the artery, they make the skin dehydration, loss of elasticity of the skin makes you fast over.

The food contains more salt
If you eat sleep time for moderation, but after waking up was still the puffiness swelling in the eyes, then most likely the main culprit is too much salt in the diet.

According to experts, the more tolerance of salt in the meal was the cause of the phenomenon of water storage, especially seen visibly in the region around the eyes. So, women want beautiful skin needs tight control the amount of salt used and should limit eating salty.